We are a pet-loving design team that treats pets as part of our lives and family.

But we all know that pets have a short life span and can only stay for a short time in our lives, but we are the lives of pets.

Our mission is to craft the daily necessities for you and your pet with the most advanced technology.

Our studio has hundreds of people, develops mugs, paintings, clothes, pillows, etc, researches hundreds of pet breeds and human hairstyles, and draws a variety of interesting backgrounds, waiting for your joining!

We have been preparing for this for a year and will show the best results.

Want to own a mug that really belongs to you and your pet?

Want to print the sweet memories of you and your pet on your own cup?

Want to surprise your friends, family and lovers?

Mossoul.com will help you achieve it instantly!


Common mugs, pillows, paintings, clothes, blankets in life, we can help you print memories!

Design comes from life, and life is created by design!
Regarding your love for pets, we will show to your live!

If you have other question,please contact to us: service@mossoul.com

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